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As it’s the start of a new decade, at DDC, we continue to invest in more environmentally friendly products. Being a drainage company, it is important to make sure that what we put in our drains is better for the environment, so having environmentally friendly toilet rolls will help to reinforce this.

Not many people know the real impact of using regular toilet rolls has on the environment. Here at DDC we have decided to raise our own awareness of the damaging effects toilet paper has on us, to the drains and to the environment.

Regular toilet rolls bought by 27.5 million households in the UK annually contain over 3.5 billion square meters of single use plastic which covers over 500,000 football pitches.-a significant amount!!

  Since finding this out we wanted to do something about it and source the market and found “Uranus Wiper”. This was the subject of a few jokes and laughter in the office, therefore, we have decided this was the best solution and the way forward.

“Uranus Wiper” is a 100% natural, recyclable and compostable toilet paper brand which helps stop the use of single use plastic in the UK by using wastepaper, cleaning it and turning it into the toilet paper we are using. Even the packaging is biodegradable!




Having a strong view of ethics is something we pride ourselves on at DDC and when we look for new things to try this is an important factor when making our decision. “Uranus Wiper” donates 10% of their proceeds to support the Anal Cancer Foundation and does not test on animals so we are delighted to support this cause too.

You might be thinking “does being environmentally friendly cost more?”, in comparison to regular toilet rolls, yes, it is more expensive to buy but the positive benefits that it has on the environment dramatically outweigh the cost.

Using these new toilet rolls will help us as a business be more aware of what impact single use plastic has on the environment, so we can keep reducing the carbon footprint for the future.

Are you going to change the way you wipe your bottom?

Our team of drainage specialists are well aware of the damage caused to drains by discarding debris on which is not environmentally friendly. To speak with one of our team message us on social media, call us or just po(o)p an email to info@ddc-uk.com.

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