Highways Drainage Survey and Data Specialists

Here at DDC, we have an outstanding team of innovative and dynamic personnel, whom with passion and dedication, focus on delivering high quality survey and professional services. Our belief in, and commitment to, ‘better information management’ is a key driver for DDC performing works effectively and efficiently for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ‘can do attitude’, and working in close collaboration with our clients, we problem solve to deliver positive solutions and achieve the best possible outcomes.


We provide a comprehensive range of surveys incorporating BIM.

Accurate, on time, and to budget.

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Highways Drainage Services

On time, to budget, and accurate. DDC consistently delivers quality data. We provide a comprehensive range of asset surveys, defect surveys and construction surveys, incorporating BIM.


We tailor solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. We build strong long-term relationships.

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04 Dec: Unveiling the Vulnerabilities: Flooding Hotspots

Unveiling the Vulnerabilities: Flooding Hotspots Highways, often seen as the arteries of our transportation system, play a vital role in connecting people and goods. However, with the growing spectre of extreme weather events, flooding has emerged as a significant threat to highway infrastructure. Flooding hotspots on highways refer to specific locations that are more susceptible to flooding during periods of intense rainfall, storms, or other weather-related events. These areas can…

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19 Nov: Staying Safe on Highways in Autumn

Staying Safe on Highways in Autumn As autumn rolls in, the picturesque landscapes transform with vibrant foliage, but the changing season brings its unique set of challenges, particularly for those working on highways. From inclement weather to reduced daylight, staying safe on the roads in autumn requires extra vigilance and preparedness. Visibility is Key: Autumn days often come with misty mornings and early sunsets, which can drastically reduce visibility. To…

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05 Nov: Redline Drawing in Highway Surveys

Redline Drawing in Highway Surveys Highways are the lifeblood of transportation systems, connecting people and goods across cities, states, and countries. The planning, design, and maintenance of highways require meticulous attention to detail to ensure the safety and efficiency of these critical infrastructure elements. One of the key tools used in the highway surveying process is the redline drawing. A redline drawing, also known as a markup or redlining, is…