Guest Blog…A special kind of giving

Many businesses enjoy giving at Christmas time. To their clients, their customers and to their colleagues.

At my clients DDC Engineering Solutions there has been much discussion about whether or not they would participate in the Secret Santa gift giving this year. I have to admit, I enjoy hunting around for a fun present on a limited budget but for some, it causes nothing but angst.

The team at DDC voted against buying gifts and opted instead to give ‘gifts of compliments’ this year.

Each team member was asked to write a message – something they admire about the person, a great personal characteristic or a personal achievement on a gift tag for each of their colleagues. Every member of the team was then the recipient of their very own bundle of compliments.

Ioana Prigoreanu – Marketing and Communications Executive and Wellbeing Champion at DDC, who introduced and facilitated this initiative explains ‘In the rush of completing everyday tasks very often we don’t all have time to stop and show our team members how much we appreciate them. This was an opportunity to do just that.

We have already implemented a process of giving feedback in our well-being strategy to recognise and reward work related achievements but wanted to take it a step further and make it more personal at Christmas time.’

Raahil Ali, Project Director at DDC added ‘What a brilliant idea, this has brought so much positive energy to our team. Being on the receiving end of comments and compliments that we wouldn’t typically hear is very uplifting and has been such an emotional experience.’

The impact that this has had on the team is evident … not just today or for the next couple of weeks. This will have repercussions well into 2020.

I for sure, will keep my own bundle of compliments gifted by DDC very close to hand and will be reading them often … and yes, I will unashamedly shed a tear or two.

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