Water…friend or foe

The significance of climate change

With an increasing number of flooding, fires, and droughts events making headlines, there is a greater awareness on the climate change and how it is affecting the world.

Climate change

In the last few years it became clear that the globe is warming and the latest scientific data shows that an intensification of phenomena such as floods, droughts, rising global average temperatures, rising sea levels and shrinking ice caps is expected in the coming years.

All these changes, taken together lead to rising ocean and sea levels and thus flooding and eroding coastal and low-lying areas. On top of this, torrential rains are becoming more frequent. All these decrease the quality of our water and there is an increase in the number of floods.

There are so many risks that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to climate change. Here are just a few and they will enhance the need to start acting upon this:

  • Impact on our health
  • Cost for society and economy
  • Deaths
  • Agriculture, forestry, energy and tourism are affected
  • Species of plants and animals are threatened


A flood is an overflow of water that submerges the land that can impact millions of lives within minutes. Water is one of our most valuable assets on Earth. We drink it, bathe in it, clean with it, it is our source of life. Most of the time it is completely benign, but in large enough quantities, the very same stuff we use to wash our hands can overturn cars, demolish houses and even kill.

The part DDC play

It is highly imperative to understand the flood risk on the Strategic Road Network in the UK in order to help minimise the cost of casualties, damage and disruption.  At DDC we are working with Highways England and with our premium clients to improve the flood mapping and to fully understand, assess and eliminate the risks associated with this critical challenge. We have identified solutions further to carrying out numerous investigation surveys in Flooding ‘hot spots’ and we have informed and advised our clients where there was a poor drainage maintenance.  In these areas, DDC pre-cleansed the whole drainage system before undertaking a Detailed Defect Survey. In most cases, cleansing the drainage system resolves the issue. Where this is not the case and there are defects in the drainage system, we collaborate with our clients and identify innovative solutions and recommendations for remediation works.

So…what can you do to help?

With the global population of c.7,850 billion people on the planet, let’s just give this a few seconds of our thinking time. If you can imagine now the impact, we could have if all of us would make just a small change in our lifestyles. Here are some ideas of how we can protect the planet, fauna and flora, ourselves and future generations:

So…what can you do to help:

  • Cut consumption and waste
  • Respect and protect green spaces
  • Reduce your energy use or power your home with renewable energy
  • Reduce water waste
  • Avoid driving when possible
  • Cut back on flying
  • Eat less meat and dairy or at least eat the food you buy
  • Avoid plastic wherever you can
  • Replace lightbulbs to LEDs
  • Recycle: cloths, furniture
  • Plant a community garden or your own vegetable garden
  • Bring your own shopping bags to supermarkets
  • Pick up rubbish


Start saving our planet! How are you going to make a difference today?

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