Proud of our people. Proud of our industry. Proud of all of our key and essential workers.


In the past 11 months we have constantly heard the terms “KEY WORKER/ ESSENTIAL WORKER”. Although I know these are the people who work to keep the country’s economy running, I feel like this is such a vague explanation and decided to Google it. Online I found out that key workers/essential workers are employees who provide a vital service to public health and safety. For me this was still not enough…

So I started looking for a different kind of definition…My definition…

In the past few months, PPE transformed into this shining armour which still gives me the same vibes and vision as a cloak on a hero.

My teammates who are site operatives have become DDC’s heroes.  The courage, the commitment and the drive of our team mates on site demonstrates bravery and superpowers as the heroes I was reading about as a child in my favourite comic books.

We are extremely grateful to our colleagues who are working all over the country right now to keep our Highways Network running. The condition and safety of our roads has never been more important to emergency services, transport and the key workers/essential workers using them during this pandemic.

No matter how difficult 2020 was and how challenging 2021 continues to be, we take great pride in how our team has stepped up and worked incredibly hard during these times.

Chris Mayers, our Senior Site and Operations Manager shares with us how he feels about being a key worker: “A title given to us in March 2020. I didn’t understand what it meant at the time and felt uncomfortable with it. But as we approach March 2021, the work we have carried out and continue to carry out plays a big part in keeping the Highways Network running so that frontline, essential and other key workers can get to do their jobs. I’m proud to have this title.”



We’d like to say a huge, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who is working to keep us safe and connected in these difficult and challenging times.

The sense of community, support and collective effort demonstrated throughout the UK has been extraordinary.



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