Balancing Motherhood and Professional Excellence: Meet Nasrin Sangouri

In today’s spotlight, we’re excited to introduce you to someone who effortlessly embodies the perfect blend of motherhood and professional dedication. Nasrin, a remarkable individual, manages to excel in both her nurturing role as a mother and her dynamic career.

At the heart of Nasrin’s life lies her most cherished role – that of a devoted mother. With her unwavering love, patience, and innate ability to balance the demands of parenthood, she brings a unique warmth to everything she does. Nasrin demonstrates that being a great mother is an art in itself, one that she has mastered with grace.

Beyond the walls of her home, Nasrin is equally impressive in her professional endeavors. As a Senior Project Engineer, she has consistently proven her expertise, dedication, and commitment. Her drive to excel and her ability to navigate challenges make her an invaluable asset to DDC.


Can you provide an overview of the maternity and parental support programs DDC offered to you?

It was great! While I was pregnant, everyone in DDC was really kind, and supportive. The management team was really understanding, giving me time off whenever I needed it.

The process of going on maternity leave was very easy and I had the flexibility of choosing when to go and when to come back from maternity. The company provided me with all the information.

I was away for longer than the statutory maternity leave and even the payment was better than what I was expecting. The main thing for me is that I wasn’t stressing about my job or financial situation, I wasn’t afraid of losing my job and it was easy to get back and pick it up. Everything was smooth.

Getting back to work everything was amazing. The management gave me easy jobs to get me back in the routine. I had extra time to deliver jobs and the team was supporting me. I didn’t feel any pressure.

I’ve been offered flexible hours; I couldn’t even choose if I wanted to go part-time. However, I wanted to come back full-time because of the way the team supported me. Even now, after one year back I still have flexibility in choosing what hours I want to work. This helps me balance my personal and professional life and I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. It’s exactly how I wanted it.

How did DDC ensure that you felt supported and comfortable when announcing your pregnancy to your team?

Everyone was very supportive and excited. I felt like everyone was happy for me. I had no doubt that this would be the reaction, so I was happy to share my moment with everyone.

What accommodations are in place to assist pregnant employees in their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities?

They were very understanding, and they offered me time off when I wasn’t feeling well or when I had appointments. They even offered extra equipment and more time off to rest. It was easy for me to ask for what I needed because everyone in DDC was always asking what I need and how they can support me.

Can you elaborate on any DDC initiatives aimed at helping women transition back to work after their maternity leave? How did DDC help you during this period?

They offered me full flexibility. Whatever I wanted or however I wanted.

Did you feel that you were passed over for promotions or growth opportunities due to maternity-related breaks?

No, definitely not. I even got promoted, which also came with a raise, to Senior Project Engineer after coming back from maternity.

Can you share any success stories or positive outcomes resulting from your maternity and childcare support initiatives?

For me, the most important thing is that I have the flexibility to work full time and still have time to stay with my baby and feel like I am not losing out. For me, it means a lot to be a mom and take care of my baby. My career doesn’t affect me being a mom the way I want to be.

In what ways does DDC promote work-life balance for women who are managing their professional roles and parenting responsibilities?

Working remotely, flexible hours, getting extra support. Anything you want, you just have to ask. Everyone in the DDC team makes you feel valued.

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