Our commitment to the ‘People Matter Charter’ – Unified Responsibility

At DDC we always shout loud and proud for our people. PEOPLE, from staff to clients, from candidates to important stakeholders and trusted partners, they all MATTER and they are at the centre of our business. One of our main objectives for 2020 is to improve the quality of life, working life and purpose of our valued team and for all the communities where we are present.

Today we are delighted to be committed members of the PEOPLE MATTER Charter. This is a great initiative by the Supply Chain Sustainability School. It’s an action generated by some of the best companies in our industry who decided to show others demonstrable standards in how to treat people responsibly.

By signing the charter DDC Engineering Solutions evidences our promise that these eight commitments are part of our business. Furthermore, we pledge to promote this to everyone in our supply chain. As we collaborate only with exceptional businesses, we are confident that they will be happy to join us in signing the charter and showing that they treat people responsibly and value people as we do.

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Being a member of the People Matter Charter is an opportunity for us to be a part of a collaborative space within the Supply Chain Sustainability School that evidences best practice in the industry and where we can showcase DDC’s culture and the best practice standards.

We’re proud to be growing our business with conscience.

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