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Save the Children


We are now celebrating the end of the second week of December and can almost taste the mulled wine with Christmas being right around the corner.

As a charitable group of individuals who are conscious of supporting those less fortunate than us, the team here at DDC are committed to supporting a different charity each week. This is part of our GRATITUDE December theme which you can keep up to date on throughout our blogs.

On Friday 14th our team took part in Christmas Jumper Day which saw us bid farewell to our usual workday attire in favour of our brightest, funniest and most questionable festive sweaters. These ranged from light up Christmas trees, naughty elves to Rudolph’s red nose.

Whilst laughs and gasps filled the office, it is important to recognise that this fashion statement was done in the name of Save the Children. A charity dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make sure that children in the UK and around the world survive, get protection and have the chance to learn.

Here at DDC we understand that children are the future so investing in them is crucial to making a better world – by taking part in the annual Christmas Jumper Day we are delighted to have raised £57 for Save the Children.

DDC team is proud that the money raised will be used to help children in invaluable ways, these being:

  • £1 will help 16 children to recover from diarrhoea through the use of simple rehydration salts.
  • £2 will pay for antibiotics to aid 5 children suffering pneumonia which is one of the biggest killers of children.
  • £5 will pay for a child in the UK to have access to educational toys which they can play with.
  • £16 will equip a midwife in Afghanistan with a birthing kit so they can safely bring new life into the world.
  • £55 will provide a bicycle for a health worker in Tanzania so they can care for children in places that cars are unable to reach.
  • £100 will stock a school library in Rwanda with 75 brilliant books.


We all know that the festive season is a time for giving. It is crucial to remember that this is not limited to close family, friends and colleagues.

Over the years, the Christmas Jumper Day has grown in popularity with millions of pounds being donated. Save the Children will continue to help children make their mark in the world.

If you’re feeling inspired and generous then visit Save the Children’s website for ways to get involved: https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/

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