Simply put: There is currently no software available that can produce the results that HE requires.

Until now.

DDC Engineering Solutions created DIM, an in-house unique specialist solution which enables a comprehensive digital drainage modelling and provides a smart live data sharing and management system. The innovation of DIM is defined by its extraordinary features as it is fully compatible with HADDMS, simple to operate, stable, and supports real time data transfer and viewing between field devices and between field device and office.

Furthermore, it supports and displays all type of drainage features which allow the drainage network to be mapped out on site.

The software was developed to allow validation surveys and infill gaps in the highways drainage network for Highways England. It has been beta tested and successfully implemented onto various highways and IRIS projects and has proven to give the asset engineers the confidence of 100% data accuracy.

Carol Lewis-Han, the Technical Director of DDC explains the reason behind DIM:

“Our in- depth research showed that current software is incapable of meeting the criteria required to undertake a beneficial survey that meets HE’s remit. Limiting factors of previous software renders its functionality unsuited to drainage surveying. This has led to unnecessary spending and poor value for money. We have decided to design DIM to facilitate an easier drainage asset modelling process and to generate a reliable drainage flow model for HE. The importance of the software is its ability to create and supply real time intelligent drainage analysis information that can be shared lived with multiple users. DIM was developed in conformity with BIM which helps us to deliver more efficiently and to improve safety and customer service.”

The new development has also demonstrated a significant positive environmental impact, which aligns with the climate change Act 2008 and carbon targets and budgets objectives. From the beginning, the concept of the development was to deliver an innovative environmental friendly survey solution that achieves the goal of energy saving, keeping footprints to a minimum on site and minimising unnecessary paper prints. DDC has already recorded a 55% saving in electricity and manage to reduce by 70% the paper used as jobs are now paper free on site. In addition, the company also reduced the fuel and traffic management needed by nearly 50%.

DDC project team strive to refresh themselves with up-to-date industry practice and low carbon technologies and implement good practice to contribute to the civil engineering industry.


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