Pipework Geometric Survey by Laser Profiler

Purpose of survey

To analyse the true pipe condition prior to and after rehabilitation.


Features of this survey include

  • When used as a video survey tool it can provide accuracy up to 1mm when measuring pipe size, deformation, erosion, encrustation, debris, grease, flows, lateral protrusion, surface damage, holes.
  • A laser scan of a pipe is an ideal addition to any CCTV inspection. It assists tremendously in classification of the pipe observations.
  • WinCan generates the report FULLY AUTOMATICALLY, including diameter, ovality, capacity and also Key Features provides XYZ-Data.
  • The laser profiler is certified for use in either Zone 1 or Zone 2 potentially explosive environments.


Survey data round tripping

As with all NH DDMS surveys, they are driven by consistently delivering to the high standards set out in CS551. Survey data round tripping is a vital function to achieving the high data quality outcome necessary to build a catalogue of ‘reliable, intelligent data’.

All of our surveys are compliant to National Highways documents CS551 ad CD535.



  • Survey reports will be created of the submission of the round-tripped DDMS survey data
  • Qualitative coded survey data merged into the coded survey data from the CCTV survey
  • CAD drawings

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