Equality Policy



1. Overall responsibility for equal opportunity and race equality within the company is held by the Directors.

2. The company seeks to ensure that all employees are treated fairly, and that selection is based solely on the individual merits of candidates and on selection criteria relevant to the post. Employment will be based upon ability and discrimination because of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or being classed as disabled will not be permitted. In pursuance of this aim and of its statutory duties, the company is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity, will adhere to the following procedures in the conduct of the recruitment and selection process for all posts.

3. The Company embraces the diversity of its workforce and expects all staff to respect their colleague’s differences. Staff can expect to be treated fairly and with dignity. The Company is responsible for developing an environment in which racial/sexual harassment is known to be unacceptable and where individuals are confident enough to bring complaints without fear.

4. Any incident of harassment, discrimination, or bullying will be regarded very seriously and may lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Legislation and associated regulations exist to protect employees from any kind of discrimination.

5. The Company has a commitment to work-life balance and has a number of support systems in place. The Employment Relations Act 1999 and the subsequent Employment Act 2002, allow for greater flexibility in the workplace.

6. The Company ensures a fair and consistent recruitment process. The Company takes care in drafting and placing advertisements to avoid discrimination and stereotyping through language and images.

7. A transparent and consistent appraisal and performance management process is operated by the company with clear career paths including promotion and training opportunities for all employees.

8. The Company will revise policies and procedures, if appropriate, to ensure fairness and compliance with the law e.g. flexible working practices, time off for religious observance.

9. Terms and Conditions of Contract, such as banking of leave, will be reviewed periodically.

10. The Company treats personal information sensitively and confidentially and will reassure employees how this information will be used.

11. The Company promotes a culture of respect and dignity of all employees through effective implementation of policies and procedures and is aware of competing and conflicting rights to balance the needs of the individual and the business.

12. Continual monitoring and evaluation of policies and practices are undertaken to ensure that they are working and are bias-free using cross-sections of the company.

13. The Company is committed to equality action planning in all departments, the outcome of which will be monitored annually to increase awareness and understanding amongst staff of the nature of discrimination and how this can be challenged within the workplace.

14. The Company is committed to broadening the range and accuracy of equality, monitoring data available; taking action to address imbalances at all levels in the workforce. The Company is committed to improving the sex balance and representation of under-represented groups involved in its decision-making processes.

15. The Company is committed to promoting fair recruitment and selection and developing policies that attribute to the principles of equality; promote good management practice and meets the needs of a diverse workforce.

16. Recruitment for all positions within the company will be carried out in a manner that accords with good Equal Opportunities practice. The members of interviewing panels will be made familiar with the Equal Opportunity policy. The criteria for the selection and progression of existing employees will be determined solely on the basis of the requirement of the job.

17. Staff training and development opportunities will be available for all staff, internal and external, full-time and part-time. The Company will take positive action to offer opportunities for training and promotion to groups of employees who are identified as disadvantaged or underrepresented.