Priority Assets Surveys

What is a priority asset?

An outfall, soakaway or culvert.

Why are they important?

They help to manage the risk of pollution (outfalls and soakaways) and flooding (culverts)

 Why do I need a priority asset survey?

A priority asset survey will typically be undertaken where the network drainage system is either unknown or uncertain. It is necessary to determine the location of outfalls and/or soakaway points of each catchment and to also locate any culverts that pass under the carriageway. Knowledge of location and condition is critical to the management of pollution and flooding risk. All of our surveys are conducted and delivered to the specifications detailed in National Highways document CS551 and CD535.

Is it necessary to visit site to do the survey?

We always try to minimise the time that our site operatives spend both on and off the highways network. This is one of the reasons that ‘reliable, intelligent data’ is vital. Prior to any site visit, a comprehensive desktop analysis is completed utilising various available data sources to gather as much intelligence as possible about the assets. This provides the site operative with much needed ‘asset intelligence’ and significantly increases the chance of completing a successful field survey. To fully validate and comprehend the functionality and condition of the priority asset, then yes, a site survey is always recommended.

Survey data round tripping

As with all NH DDMS surveys, they are driven by consistently delivering to the high standards set out in CS551. Survey data round tripping is a vital function to achieving the high data quality outcome necessary to build a catalogue of ‘reliable, intelligent data’.

All of our surveys are compliant to National Highways documents CS551 ad CD535.

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