Pipework Inclination Survey

Purpose of Survey

Typically used where a pipework and chambers defect survey by CCTV to CS551 standards has been commissioned, an inclination survey will gather supplementary information that will demonstrate how a pipe behaves from point to point. Whilst the AOD levels at the start and end points will give an indication of the gradient, the inclination survey will produce a much more detailed analysis that may identify issues that could restrict the effective functioning of the pipe.

Survey Conditions

It is vital that strict survey criteria are observed to achieve an accurate inclination report.


Report produced will show various graphical representations to demonstrate the behaviour of the pipe. Shown to the reporting standards given in CS551.

Survey data round tripping

As with all National Highways DDMS surveys, they are driven by consistently delivering to the high standards set out in CS551. Survey data round tripping is a vital function to achieving the high data quality outcome necessary to build a catalogue of ‘reliable, intelligent data’.

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