Drug and Alcohol Policy

DDC operates a ZERO tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs.

Alcohol & Drug abuse by employees and sub-contractors (including supervisory and management staff) can adversely prejudice the safety of themselves, their colleagues and others. It is the policy of this company that we do not allow alcohol to be consumed during the course of the working day. It can take some time for the effects of alcohol to leave the body and so excessive consumption the night before can still make someone a potential hazard in the work place.

Everyone has a responsibility under law to ensure that they take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others who could be affected by their actions. If a member of the management team has reason to believe that someone is under the influence of alcohol and could pose a risk to themselves or others they will be asked to leave their vehicle where it is and make their own way home until they are fit to drive, any person suspected of such abuse or displaying any unusual behavioural symptoms will be removed from site.

Where there is reasonable doubt as to the cause of such behaviour, DDC will undertake drug and alcohol testing. If results are positive on inconclusive, DDC will send off the specimen to a 3rd party laboratory and medical advice will be sought as the affected person may have been prescribed legitimate medication by a doctor. If it is established that an employee is guilty of alcohol or drug abuse disciplinary action will be taken which can include instant dismissal. Where appropriate counselling may be offer