All Assets Defect Survey

Purpose of survey

To determine the inventory, condition and detailed defects of pipework and the associated chambers and gullies and the inventory, asset level condition and connectivity of all other drainage assets in a drainage system.

What is an all-assets condition and connectivity survey?

It is a combination of a desk study and quick walkover surveyed which is carried out with the internal examination of the below-ground assets at accessible chambers using a pole-mounted camera with appropriate recording hardware and software.

Survey data round tripping

As with all NH DDMS surveys, they are driven by consistently delivering to the high standards set out in CS551. Survey data round tripping is a vital function to achieving the high data quality outcome necessary to build a catalogue of ‘reliable, intelligent data’.

All of our surveys are compliant to National Highways documents CS551 and CD535.


  • Coded survey data in the digital format compliant with CD535
  • video recordings referenced in the coded survey data
  • photographs referenced in the coded survey data
  • a report in PDF format
  • CAD drawing files
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