We’re a team of engineers, surveyors, innovators, dog lovers and mediocre singers.

Define  Dedicate  Cultivate


Here at DDC, we have an outstanding team of innovative and dynamic personnel, whom with passion and dedication, focus on delivering high quality survey and professional services.

Our belief in, and commitment to, ‘better information management’ is a key driver for DDC performing works effectively and efficiently for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our ‘can do attitude’, and working in close collaboration with our clients, we problem solve to deliver positive solutions and achieve the best possible outcomes.


Our mission is to deliver an outstanding customer experience by a team of professionals who truly care.

“I’m truly blessed to have such a dedicated and talented team at DDC. The commitment to delivering a service that is quality driven has become the DDC mantra.”

Lisa Whitbrook

Managing Director


We are recognised, by our clients as caring about their needs, carefully advising and educating them and always being ready to speak/meet regularly, to help out, to be easily contactable, and hands-on with our exceptionally high personal, customer oriented, service levels.


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Unveiling the Vulnerabilities: Flooding Hotspots

Unveiling the Vulnerabilities: Flooding Hotspots Highways, often seen as the arteries of our transportation system, play a vital role in connecting people and goods. However, with the growing spectre of extreme weather events, flooding has emerged as a significant threat to highway infrastructure. Flooding hotspots on highways refer to specific locations that are more susceptible to flooding during periods of intense rainfall, storms, or other weather-related events. These areas can…