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A Geographic Information System is one which collects, stores, analyses, manipulates and displays spatial information data. This data can be presented in a number of formats ranging from a map showing differing graphical features and their relationships, through to as a database stored with data associated with those graphical features. More specifically, a GIS can combine data from two or more databases to be further analysed and manipulated, ideal for comparing geographical factors.

On-site Data Collection

Using the latest Trimble Total Station and GPS receivers featuring RTX technology, we can log the GPS co-ordinates of assets for display within a GIS (Global Information System). Processed using our field computer software, our field technicians can swiftly and comprehensively record the required data. The nature of the systems also allows for further data to be added including visual observations and attribute types alongside the measured collected date and stored into a corresponding order regarding the individual asset. Our bespoke software, enables us to create an efficient GIS solution tailored specifically to your project requirements.

Data Analysis

Our dedicated data analysists have vast experience in the handling and interpretation of complex datasets. We make sense of the data and aim to deliver a simplified model that helps engage all interested parties in its understanding.  We are able to re-present the data in a format suited to each client’s specific requirements.

On time, on budget, and accurate. DDC consistently delivers quality data. We provide a comprehensive range of asset surveys, defect surveys, and construction surveys, incorporating BIM.

DDC has an experienced team to deliver GPS and field surveys for culverts, outfall and soakaways, as well as detention and retention pond surveys and ecological surveys.

We are experts in carrying out feasibility studies across many industry sectors. We use advanced 3D CAD software to produce detailed design plans and drawings.

Detailed, accurate and on time. Let DDC take care of your asset , utilities, topographical or building surveys and ensure you are fully compliant.

DDC delivers a range of innovative and bespoke services that allow our clients to streamline their technical operations, making them more cost-effective and efficient.

We use GIS to collect, store, analyse and display spatial information. Talk to us about digitization, on site data collection and data analysis.

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