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Smart Motorways Programme and Major Highways Projects

DDC have a vast array of experience and expertise in managing pre and post construction highways drainage surveys, ensuring that they meet Highways England and client criteria to deliver high quality data. DDC have developed their offering to fully comply with BIM Level 2 and IAN 184/14. Our strategy helps to remove the inefficiencies and costliness associated with lost information and eliminates waste by ensuring that all survey data (topographical and cctv) fits together to create a sense checked complete drainage network model.

Our knowledge. The basis for your project success

  • Preliminary desktop study
  • Accurate surveys that are fully complaint with PAS 128:2014
  • CCTV videos from full defect and condition surveys are hosted in the cloud to give you easy access to your own dedicated area to allow online streaming on desktop and mobile devices during the lifetime of the project.
  • Daily reports and drawings created to seamlessly monitor progress and reduce inefficiencies and duplication.
  • HADDMS compliance is our speciality, ensuring that we meet the criteria set by IAN147/11 and IAN147/12 together with the Guidance Note on Drainage Data Formats, the Drainage Condition Quick Assessment Method and the Guidance Note on Drainage Connectivity surveys.

The DDC BIM strategy

BIM is a process model that enables the implementation of a strategy for the management of information in a collaborative environment. The utilization of digital technologies, allows for a seamless information exchange in a common data environment (CDE).  Where BIM is implemented successfully, it avoids the reprocessing of information and allows for information exchange between all engaged parties. The correct implementation of BIM will reduce waste and inefficiency with the key theme being the interoperability of data.

‘One key competitive advantage of BIM is its ability to promote greater transparency and collaboration between suppliers and thereby reduce waste (procurement, process and material) through all levels of the supply chain. A key driver of the rapid adoption of BIM by clients and industry is that the benefits it creates are shared by the client and the entire supply chain – with downstream benefits to customers who make use of built assets and to society at large.’¹

DDC has developed its BIM strategy with the central ethos focused on delivering a collaborative and innovative approach to client’s highways projects. BIM is a highly useful tool that helps to drive efficiencies. The BIM workflow model maximises the management and exchange of information between parties with the emphasis placed on interoperability.

What does BIM mean for your project

To assist with the management of your project and implement a BIM strategy, we will collaborate with you and all engaged parties to share best practice, knowledge and exchange information in a structured, interoperable and fully inclusive manner.


¹Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

On time, on budget, and accurate. DDC consistently delivers quality data. We provide a comprehensive range of asset surveys, defect surveys, and construction surveys, incorporating BIM.

DDC has an experienced team to deliver GPS and field surveys for culverts, outfall and soakaways, as well as detention and retention pond surveys and ecological surveys.

We are experts in carrying out feasibility studies across many industry sectors. We use advanced 3D CAD software to produce detailed design plans and drawings.

Detailed, accurate and on time. Let DDC take care of your asset , utilities, topographical or building surveys and ensure you are fully compliant.

DDC delivers a range of innovative and bespoke services that allow our clients to streamline their technical operations, making them more cost-effective and efficient.

We use GIS to collect, store, analyse and display spatial information. Talk to us about digitization, on site data collection and data analysis.

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