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Rapid Asset Condition Survey

RAPID ACS is a powerful new connectivity survey methodology developed by DDC.

With RAPID ACS, we can carry out surveys faster, and offer additional data capture that helps clients manage assets more effectively.

As such, RAPID ACS is a valuable and cost-effective alternative to carrying out detailed asset defect surveys.

Faster and more responsive

A team of two RAPID ACS technicians can survey up to 1.5 kilometres of highway drainage assets per shift. That compares with no more than 500 metres for a conventional robotic crawler camera team.

Because RAPID ACS is faster, traffic management is required for shorter periods.

All geo-referenced data is uploaded to secure storage in The Cloud real-time. This gives our analytics team back at DDC HQ instant access, so there is no delay in preparing survey reports for clients.

RAPID ACS – applications

The RAPID ACS method has a number of important applications:

  • Full surveying of the drainage of the drainage inventory and asset level condition where there are no asset records
  • Recording and updating inventory information where there are only existing unvalidated as-builts record, and to record current condition
  • Adding condition information where there are good existing inventory records
  • Where the connectivity survey methodology is appropriate, RAPID ACS is an alternative to full defect CCTV surveys for post-construction adoption procedures.

Unique incident reporting

In conjunction with RAPID ACS, DDC has developed a unique incident reporting service. This gives clients real time alerts, if required, about chamber defects, including not fit for purpose structures, surcharging, and unable to survey chambers.

Our technicians use smart phones to log defects, and take pictures of them.

An incident report can be sent to the client in real time, or multiple defects can be aggregated in a larger incident report, sent daily or weekly.

Detailed Defect Surveys

DDC offers Detailed Defect Surveys to record all condition defects in inspected drainage assets.

For pipework this includes internal CCTV drainage surveys. For non-pipework assets, we will carry out detailed inspections, with selective excavation of buried assets, where required and instructed.

Where the asset inventory has not been recorded, or recorded in sufficient detail, our technicians can capture a detailed inventory.

We can carry out a detailed field survey across a defined geographical area, including connectivity and flow directions. Or we can focus on specific assets identified as having performance issues.

On time, on budget, and accurate. DDC consistently delivers quality data. We provide a comprehensive range of asset surveys, defect surveys, and construction surveys, incorporating BIM.

DDC has an experienced team to deliver GPS and field surveys for culverts, outfall and soakaways, as well as detention and retention pond surveys and ecological surveys.

We are experts in carrying out feasibility studies across many industry sectors. We use advanced 3D CAD software to produce detailed design plans and drawings.

Detailed, accurate and on time. Let DDC take care of your asset , utilities, topographical or building surveys and ensure you are fully compliant.

DDC delivers a range of innovative and bespoke services that allow our clients to streamline their technical operations, making them more cost-effective and efficient.

We use GIS to collect, store, analyse and display spatial information. Talk to us about digitization, on site data collection and data analysis.

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