Highways Drainage


Accurate, on time, and to budget. DDC consistently delivers quality data. We provide a comprehensive range of asset surveys, defect surveys and construction surveys, incorporating BIM.
HADDMS Surveys
IRIS Surveys
Detailed Defect Surveys/
Full CCTV Surveys
Asset Condition Surveys/
Connectivity Surveys
Jetting Services
Cleansing Services
Redline Drawings
AS-Built Drawing
Validation Surveys
Asset Inventory Surveys
Drainage Remediation 
Early Contractor Involvment
Retention/ Detention
Balancing Ponds
Outfall, Culvert & Soakaway/
Priority Assets Survey
Environmental Surveys &
Ecological Surveys
Flooding Hotspots
Line & Level Surveys
Pre-Design Surveys
Investigation Surveys
Smart Motorway Projects
Post Construction Surveys
Improvement Schemes
GIS Data Capture & Asset Mapping