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Covid-19 Statement
We salute all frontliners

We’d like to say a huge, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who is working to keep us safe and connected in these difficult and challenging times.

We are extremely grateful to our colleagues who are working all over the country right now to keep our Highways Network running. The condition and safety of our roads has never been more important to emergency services, transport and the key workers using them during this pandemic.

No matter how difficult 2020 was and how challenging 2021 continues to be, we take great pride in how our team has stepped up and worked incredibly hard during these times.

The sense of community, support and collective effort demonstrated throughout the UK has been extraordinary.

Thank you!
DDC Site arrangement during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic

Work arrangements: DDC sites are operating ‘Business as usual’ with extra measures in line with the Government’s recommendations until further notice

Keyworker status:

Further to the government’s announcement regarding key workers, we are proudly identified to be in the keywork category. Our employees are reminded to keep the Keyworker letter and a form photographic proof of identity (e.g.) highways passport, driving licence, passport etc. (this applies to all sites) with them whilst they are traveling to/from work and to/from site.

Measures in place:

Toolbox Talk:

  • COVID-19 specific toolbox talk is frequently delivered to all site staff via video conference

COVID-19 specific risk assessment:

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment for site is drafted and completion is required from all site staff. Please refer to Appendix in this document for details

Risk assessment for DDC Site operations during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:

  • The hazards of site operations during COVID-19 pandemic are identified, and standard control measures are in place for mitigation purposes. This document is communicated to all site staff. Please refer to Appendix in this document for details


  •  Staff are accommodated in AirB&B with cooking facility where possible  No swapping of hotels or accommodation is permitted mid-week Vehicle  Vans are allocated to individuals. No swapping is permitted

Interactions on site:

  • DDC internal D&A tests are suspended. Should a D&A test be required, a professional external agency will be employed for this activity. DDC will check and ensure stringent COVID measures are in place when collecting samples for D&A test.
  • The crews are kept as they are and there is no swapping between crews.
  • Alternative way of signing documents (RAMS), have been implemented to ensure that there is no direct contact.
  • Direct interactions with operatives from other companies is minimised where possible. Social distancing is maintained where interactions with operatives from other companies is unavoidable.
  •  Briefing, induction and toolbox talk– In the event of any in-person briefings, social distancing is strictly adhered to.
  • Site operations managers, supervisor for each site and lead GPS operatives are communicated with operations team via facetime or WhatsApp video
  • HM Government guidance for hand washing for 20 seconds is followed
  • Social distancing requirements are adhered to
  • HM Government requirements for wearing face coverings is adhered to


  • DDC strives to keep their operatives safe, well and working as much as possible during these uncertain times. DDC will be supporting the operatives with any concerns and queries listed below:
    • Site related queries
    • Health and Safety
    • Wellbeing
    •  Survey data backup
  • Site operatives’ suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Any concerns will be discussed by the senior management daily, and feedback is given to the individuals
  • Regular communications updates are issued by senior management team


  • PPE is not swapped between operatives
  • Single use PPE is disposed of and not reused

RAMS packs:

  • RAMS are compiled in PDF files and are emailed to operatives
  • Toolbox briefs are compiled in PDF files and are emailed to operatives after each video conference briefings.