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12 May: Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week Mental Health is essential for our general wellbeing, and it is as important as physical health as they are closely linked. There is no health without mental health. Mental Health affects the way we think, feel and act. It helps in the way we manage stress, interact with other people and make choices. When we are in a good mental state, we can be more productive,…

27 Apr: Women on site: Interview with Nicky Hall

Women on site: Interview with Nicky Hall Nicky Hall, our Commercial Analyst & Deputy QUENSH Manager has  varied work experience and here we explore her year working on site. To better understand the challenges for women doing site work, we invited Nicky to answer a few questions to get an insight from a female perspective about what it is like for a woman to work both day and night shifts, away…

31 Mar: Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing Wellbeing has lately become such an important agenda for companies around the world. People have started to be more open about mental health and it has become a priority for organisations to create a wellness space where people feel safe to share their challenges and to ask for support. Wellbeing is fundamental to our health, and it enables us to achieve what we want in life. There is…

24 Jan: We are Considerate Constructors

We are Considerate Constructors We are delighted to announce that DDC is registered with Considerate Constructors Scheme. As a highway’s drainage specialist consultancy, health, safety, respect for the community and environmental management is of paramount importance to DDC. Working on the busiest roads of Europe on England’s Strategic Road Network is a privilege and we are very proud to help support the economic growth and the quality of life of…

08 Nov: Success for DDC in new 7 years National Highways Contract

Success for DDC in new 7 years National Highways Contract  DDC Engineering Solutions is delighted to share that it has successfully won National Highways’ National Technical Survey and Testing Contract in South East Area.   Team DDC is proud to be awarded this prestigious contract which makes it ideally positioned to play a key role in revolutionising drainage surveying throughout the life of this 7 year contract. Its team will…

24 Aug: Water…friend or foe

Water…friend or foe The significance of climate change With an increasing number of flooding, fires, and droughts events making headlines, there is a greater awareness on the climate change and how it is affecting the world. Climate change In the last few years it became clear that the globe is warming and the latest scientific data shows that an intensification of phenomena such as floods, droughts, rising global average temperatures,…


Proud of our people. Proud of our industry. Proud of all of our key and essential workers.   In the past 11 months we have constantly heard the terms “KEY WORKER/ ESSENTIAL WORKER”. Although I know these are the people who work to keep the country’s economy running, I feel like this is such a vague explanation and decided to Google it. Online I found out that key workers/essential workers…

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27 Oct: Pouring money down the drain… the cost of bad data

Pouring money down the drain… the cost of bad data  Poor communication and poor data management cost the UK construction industry millions each year. A 2015 survey conducted by KPMG found 69% of UK construction projects were over budget by more than 10%, often due to unforeseen events not identified when the initial planning and strategy took place. Good data enables companies to maximise operational efforts, forecast and budget effectively,…

30 Jun: Helping the community – Keeping the network clean and safe 2

Helping the community – Keeping the network clean and safe At DDC we take care of the nation’s highways drainage network. With an increasing number of flooding events making headlines, there is greater awareness of the cost in terms of damage, disruption, and potential accidents it causes to the road users. We are a group of drainage experts who are market-leading providers of investigating flooding hotspots and providing flood prevention consultation….