DDC- Carnell Collaboration – Working to deliver excellence together

At DDC we understand that by working collaboratively we can find innovative ways of improving the industry standards and quality. We strive to provide a frictionless, lean, effective service, championing the key imperatives of Safety, Delivery and Customer Service. Therefore we have incorporated collaborative principles/processes into our business management system, ensuring we collaborate effectively and champion open/honest dialogues internally, with clients, customers, stakeholders and delivery partners.

We are proud of our relationship and collaborative working with Carnell to support the contract on the M25 DBFO for our valuable customer Connect Plus Services. The objective was to develop a strong partnership to deliver fully compliant quality outcomes on time and within budget. The relationships we created are based upon trust and mutual respect which evolve into exceptional partnerships enabling delivery on large scale projects.

Lisa Dummelow, DDC’s Managing Director stated: “We are very proud to be supported by Carnell in delivering excellence to our client.”

DDC is aligned with Carnell and committed to jointly deliver all activities successfully and seamlessly. Each team’s knowledge, skill and expertise are communicated and respected by everyone. Moreover, the positive site culture ensures that performance is maximised throughout the project delivery chain. Cultures and expected professional standards of behaviour were aligned between DDC and Carnell from the outset.

Rodney Robb, Carnell’s Operations Director stated: “Carnell Water Management Division has collaborated with DDC on their M25 DBFO contract for Connect Plus Services Ltd. Using drainage asset condition data to formulate a targeted programme to CCTV survey the structural grade 4 and 5 defects on the Strategic Road Network (SRN). Carnell are supplying 2 to 4 CCTV Rigs with WinCan VX Expert licences in support of DDC GPS survey teams to ensure the condition data is round-tripped and uploaded to WinCan Web on a daily basis. From the live survey data Carnell technicians will formulate remediation proposals which will allow the client to make intelligent led decisions to priorities, and fix any safety critical defects.

This is the first collaboration between Carnell and DDC, two industry leaders in drainage asset data capture, the focus is on safety, quality, and providing the client asset data in an efficient way with a Find and Fix approach.”

The success of this collaboration is based on a consistent flow of information and outstanding communication. Furthermore, the communication is fluid throughout all levels of responsibilities within each organisation. As opposed to a hierarchical communication chain, boundaries between individuals were broken down and the communication had a loop structure, which removed ambiguity and allowed transparent, two-way interactions between both parties.

We are delighted to present some of the benefits of working together:

  • Collaboration through the project delivery chain – DDC and Carnell worked together to find innovative solutions
  • 100% commitment to quality interactions and quality outcomes via a structured approach
  • A combined focus to Health and Safety and Wellbeing
  • A consistent success driven mindset within the partnership
  • A shared commitment to resolve issues collectively and an approach developed to implement lessons learned
  • Collaborative accountability
  • Performance improvement
  • Development of people/relationships
  • Supporting Other Community Partners Aims/Objectives
  • Sharing High-Quality Information
  • Supporting EDI objectives/initiatives




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