Helping the community – Keeping the network clean and safe

At DDC we take care of the nation’s highways drainage network. With an increasing number of flooding events making headlines, there is greater awareness of the cost in terms of damage, disruption, and potential accidents it causes to the road users. We are a group of drainage experts who are market-leading providers of investigating flooding hotspots and providing flood prevention consultation. This is an important area of concern for all highways authorities who are investing in a programme to tackle the issue.

Flooding hotspots are areas on the network identified as high flood risk. We have carried out numerous investigation surveys and we found out that mainly flooding is caused either by roots infiltrating the pipework or due to very little or no maintenance of the drainage system for a long period of time.

In these affected areas, we pre-cleanse the entire drainage system, we survey it and then we come up with solutions for our clients to remediate the issues and propose recommendations for flood prevention.


The importance of good cleansing

We are a data driven company and we understand the importance of top-quality data to ensure successful outcomes. To deliver the best outcomes for our clients we always make sure we deliver a comprehensive range of drainage asset services with a complete high-quality data set.

If the pipes aren’t properly clean, the data will not be accurate. Therefore, before any remedial proposal we rely on the cleansing team doing a good job so that the CCTV operatives can record quality footage and identify defects in the pipes which might be causing the flooding or future events.


Sometimes the assets are not right on the road. At DDC we go above and beyond to make sure we get the job done with a health and safety conscious mindset. We will go off network to look outside the verge so we can carry out a complete survey of the drainage. As it is illustrated in the photos, for these areas we use off-road jetting vehicles – jetting unit is attached to a tractor. We clear all the blockages within the highways’ drainage network and which affects the performance of the complete drainage network.

These photos were taken by our Site Operations Manager, Martin Hughes who collaborated with the community and third party landowners to get access to the assets, making sure we offer a complete set of data and informed guidance to our clients. He stated: “Having the opportunity to utilise the information given by third party landowners and access to land usually out of reach from the highway boundary gives us valuable asset information we would have otherwise missed out on, therefore completing the survey much more accurately and in a timely manner.  Having this personal touch also gives an extra boost to job satisfaction.”

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