Where is the connection…GPS and Turtles?
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At DDC we believe in giving back to the less fortunate, to the animals and to the planet. We are a team of altruistic, kind and generous people grateful for what we have around us.

We have decided to have a collection at the beginning of each month – the feeling we get in the office when we do this, it’s just fantastic. Giving back, is good for the soul and for the mind.

Our word of the month

This is why our DDC word for December is going to be GRATITUDE. Every week until Christmas we will choose a cause close to our hearts and we will carry out a good deed.

This week we choose to donate to WWF, a charitable organisation that protects our planet. They are promoting a sustainable use of resources to develop a better world, where wildlife and people thrive.

We have been partners of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for few months now as we have adopted four endangered animals: a snow leopard, a rhino, a polar bear and an orang-utan. We’ve received regular updates with news, pictures and interesting facts about our animals. WWF are brilliant at what they do, and we are very proud to support them in their fight for a better world.

Marine turtles are also endangered animals that have lived in our oceans for more than 100 million years. Our research showed that at least six of the seven species are at risk of extinction. These majestic creatures are vivid navigators, swimming thousands of kilometres and helping to keep the ocean food chain healthy.

What made us choose turtles?

You might wonder what made us choose the turtles out of all the endangered animals. Well, our day to day occupation is surveying and we are just impressed with the turtles’ GPS skills. GPS is in their nature and it helps them to know how to come back home. Their accuracy is extraordinary, and it can easily compete with any man-made GPS. Turtles can navigate across miles and miles by using the Earth’s magnetic field.

And now, you probably can guess why they are a threatened species. The litter, the coastal development, the sea walls, power lines and so forth can destroy turtles nesting beaches and can dramatically affect the beach’s magnetic field.

The human intrusion in their environment can prevent hatchlings reaching the sea and that’s why we donated for a GPS to map turtle nests.

If this is a cause you want to support, you can find out more details here: https://support.wwf.org.uk/donate-to-wwf. In the meantime, keep in touch to find out what will be DDC’s act of goodwill next week.

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